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Modelling and Analysis Systems' Software is reliable, practical and cost-effective, and adds value to client's day-to-day operations.  If you are involved in the design of roads for new construction or rehabilitation, or if you are an asset manager responsible for road condition evaluation and documentation of design results, then the Rubicon Toolbox software can:

  • Equip you with state-of-the-art pavement design and analysis technology that is easy to use, cost effective and backed by excellent user support;

  • Increase your productivity by streamlining and standardizing your design methodology and the documentation of your design and analysis data;

  • Ensure that consistent standards and criteria are applied to all design and rehabilitation projects undertaken by your company;

  • Ensure your technological edge by adding finite element as well as probabilistic capabilities to your design approach.

Rubicon Toolbox   

Rubicon Toolbox is the latest release of the Rubicon suite of software tools for practitioners in the field of pavement design and analysis software. Rubicon Toolbox is programmed in the new, powerful Microsoft .NET framework and allows users to build their own “toolbox” of pavement design and analysis tools. Rubicon Toolbox is then the main platform from which tools such as the Data Viewer and Layered Elastic Design Tools are ‘launched”. Tools can be licensed and added to the toolbox in a modular fashion.  Rubicon Toolbox supersedes Rubicon 1 and 2. 

Rubicon Toolbox also incorporates a Windows Explorer style project management interface which allows users to create and manage folders for different project facets such as different lanes, different subsections etc. The Rubicon Toolbox page contains more information about individual tools incorporated in Rubicon Toolbox. For System Requirements, please see the Systems Requirements page. 


Tools for the Practitioner

The Rubicon Toolbox of Design & Analysis Tools result from more than a decade of involvement in pavement rehabilitation projects, coupled with close interaction with some of the world’s leading pavement researchers and design practitioners.  Rubicon pavement design tools are built to strike an appropriate balance between emerging technology and established practices.  In particular, Rubicon Design and Analysis Tools steer away from a recipe approach to structural pavement design, and instead allow engineers to perform an in-depth analysis of expected pavement behaviour, including a multi-criteria assessment of likely pavement structural capacity.  As such, Rubicon Toolbox is ideal for the intermediate to advanced pavement design practitioner operating in various parts of the globe.

All of the Rubicon Toolbox modules incorporate a detailed reporting function, which allows practitioners to directly import design and analysis report into related documentation (either in hardcopy or softcopy format). Design and analysis reports are designed to explicitly combine all assumptions and outputs in a compact, yet neat, report format, thereby allowing analysis results to be communicated to clients and peers in an impressive and cost effective manner.


Setting New Standards

As suggested by the name "Rubicon”, the Rubicon suite of software was designed to set new standards in ease of use, reliability and support. Apart from comprehensive help files, tutorials are also released periodically to ensure users can attain optimal productivity within a short time. Utilizing the flexibility of the Microsoft .NET framework, Rubicon Toolbox also allows easy and frequent upgrading via the internet. Upgrades are typically released on a five to six monthly basis, and include new tools as well as improved versions of existing tools. At MAS, we regard our customers as partners, and actively strive to obtain feedback from clients in order to ensure constant evolution and improvement of our products and services. We also remain actively involved in research and practice, thereby ensuring that our software remains abreast with new developments and findings.

Ru'bicon: "ancient name of stream limiting Julius Caesar's province and crossed by him in 49 BC as start of war with Pompey." or "the boundary by passing which one becomes committed to an enterprise (cross the Rubicon)" from The Concise Oxford Dictionary, Seventh Edition, Sykes J.B, 1987.


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